my bio

Andie’s unique artistic expression is grounded in 30 plus years of experience and achievement in both commercial and fine art.

As a child growing up in the shadow of New York City she was fortunate to have creative and supportive parents and siblings. “As far back as I can remember I’ve always been creative. From drawing on my bedroom walls to etching my fine doodles into the soft wooden top of my mother’s sewing table. All were relieved when I learned there was actually a thing called drawing paper and moved on to more conventional methods of expressing myself.”

In high school Andie’s art classes overshadowed math and english. Later as a student at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, illustration, graphic design and photography all took precedence over other evening activities, while at her day job at McCann-Erickson Advertising she was being groomed as an assistant Art Buyer. However, it didn’t take long for Andie to realize that her passion was to actually “be” the artist vs. the person who chose which artist to hire.

Andie moved to New Jersey in 1985 and keeping the vision of becoming an artist in mind she opened Roobiblue Studios as a full service graphic design company focusing on illustration, design and photography. Her vision was further realized with the development of the digital camera as she began to combine her art background and her photography skills. Photography became a large part of her business and the “art” of post-production became her meditation. “I think of my method of photographing as “uncover and discover” rather than capturing a particular place and time. Discovering beauty in places and objects that are often overlooked has become my passion.” The thrill of pursuing and developing new skills and techniques compels her to continually evolve her vision keeping her art fresh and exciting.

In 2004 Andie and Roobiblue Studios moved to Vashon Island WA where she is currently living her vision.

On a personal note, Andie is the proud mom of two extremely creative kids in their own right who, coincidentally, began their artistic careers on the walls of their bedrooms.